Videos --- Coming soon

Navigator Videos are on their way.  In the meantime, learn about one of Destin's most popular events, The Destin Fishing Rodeo.  

Knot Reel Testimonials

Great Crew!!

Went on a three hour tour and the weather started getting rough but not for fearless crew the ship would have been lost.  I was not worried at all on the Navigator because it is loaded with all the latest safety equipment.

T. Howell, III

Beautiful Boat!!

My first experience with cruising did not turn out so well but the Navigator actually completed its voyage and was way nicer the any Blue Line Cruise ship.  

You just can't be blase about the Navigator.

R. Dawson

Bigger Boat

I was never a real fan of the water but after taking down a great white shark I decided that I really enjoy fishing but had to have a bigger boat.  The Navigator is the perfect size boat and has all the right gear for catching great big fish.

M. Brody